myRENZbox for your Home

Intelligent parcel delivery & collection in multi residential buildings

The daily delivery of parcels from all carriers and in all shapes and sizes places an ever increasing demand on the concierge team. The eConciergebox meets this challenge head on, and largely removes the need for Concierge services to intervene in both receipting incoming parcels and subsequently ensuring that each parcel reaches its intended recipient.

The myRENZbox for your Home hardware is specifically configured to suit the number of apartments and residents in any given building, and the distribution of box sizes is specified in line with current postal data.

From a software perspective the process has been carefully designed to enable rapid delivery and ease of collection whilst at the same time providing proof of delivery and preserving the anonymity of each resident.

These web enabled systems use a smart interface to automate delivery and collection of parcels. In the process they ensure direct electronic communication between the resident and carriers. This removes the day to day burden of parcel management from the concierge function whilst still ensuring they retain over control.

Parcel boxes for a multi-occupancy private residential accommodation
Parcel boxes
eConciergebox Parcel Delivery
Multi-occupancy parcel delivery boxes
Private residential parcel boxes

What makes the myRENZbox for your Home Range so attractive?

The main benefits of the range:

Time Saving

Saves a significant amount of administration time

The myRENZbox takes away the increasing burden of parcel management from the concierge team, enabling them to focus on value added and community oriented activities.

Flexible & precise system configuration

Flexible & precise system configuration

Each parcel box solution is designed to precisely meet the project needs, from number and size distribution of parcel boxes, through finishes and aesthetic requirements, to full integration with door entry systems.

Online Administration

Online Administration

Easy to manage via the RENZ online portal, found at:
Individual Configuration

Individual Configuration

Box sizes and models can be configured to meet customers’ needs.

Integration of logistics processes

Integration of logistics processes

This is Delivery and collection is possible for service providers, thanks to software integration and PIN authorisation.

Interface Connection

Interface connection

A direct connection to rental management software is possible (optional component).

Multiple deliveries

Multiple deliveries

Multiple parcels can be delivered each day by different service providers – totally without delivery delays.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Conserves the environment as parcel deliveries can be delivered directly to the parcel box unit.

Open to all carriers

Open to all delivery and collection carriers

Automated 24/7 delivery, collection and return. Automated email and push messages with proof of delivery generated for every parcel.

Total Service and Support

Total service and support

A comprehensive service and support contract is available to ensure the parcel delivery system continues to work efficiently into the future and benefits from the latest developments via remote software updates.

Electronic Key Management

Electronic key management

Electronic keys and access permissions are simple to manage via the RENZ online portal, found at:
Retrofitting and Extension

Retrofitting and extension

Parcel box units can be extended and mailbox units retrofitted at any time.

Security and discretion

Security and discretion

Secure and discreet parcel storage by means of an electronic lock and ultra-robust workmanship.

Send and receive parcels

Send and receive

Conveniently send and receive parcels stress-free around the clock, regardless of opening times.



Information about delivery and collection by email, SMS (text), Messenger or Push Message (with returns).

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