myRENZbox for Construction

Enable contact-free, traceable deliveries of components, PPE and administration 24/7 on your sites.

Efficiency and traceability are essential tools for a construction site. myRENZbox offers the ability to receive components 24/7 from carriers, enables secure movement of items within a site and provides traceability for deliveries, to ensure there is no downtime or missing parts urgently needed.Signing for goods on site can be a challenge, with items misplaced or managers unaware if an item has arrived, or where it is stored. myRENZbox is a complete onsite management system, ensuring teams can identify and locate materials and even get more delivered after the site is closed, allowing the job to carry on. The system can even incorporate large shutter boxes for convenient pallet delivery.myRENZbox enables multiple on-site processes to take place contactless, from small courier deliveries to the issuing of clothing or PPE. Even paperwork and IT equipment can be passed between personnel safely. Fitted with top lifting eyelets for secure hoisting, myRENZbox can quickly flex to your fast-changing site and once a site is complete, it can simply move onto the next project.This solution also provides the same efficiencies and contactless delivery benefits to other engineering, utility and manufacturing businesses. These fully bespoke parcel box solutions are typically used by companies across Europe to securely deliver items throughout the day and night. Client requirements such as barcode scanners, receipt printers, corporate branding, europallet sized compartments, lighting and crane lifting points are all available.

myRENZbox for Construction - Showing lifting hinge points
myRENZbox for Construction - in transit
Intelligent myRENZbox Parcel Delivery Boxes for Logistics

A secure myRENZbox pallet delivery box with payment integration

What can I do with a myRENZbox?

Intelligent parcel boxes delivering business continuity and efficiency.

  • Bespoke processes: For everything from track and trace for confidential documents or medicines, to accepting the delivery of critical spares and parts for repair.
  • Secure storage: Securely hold high value items until recipients are ready to collect.
  • Integration with SAP business systems: For stock management and warehouse control, integration with your inventory management system can be provided.
  • Portability: The robust nature of the myRENZbox mobile boxes ensures that a single investment will continue to deliver a return for your business well into the future.
  • Easily Manage Returns: Return warranty repaired products or send broken parts for repair direct from myRENZbox without any hassle.
  • Branding: Can be branded and used by developers or regular key suppliers on sites.
  • Ensure Site Security: Reduces the need for access onto site for unauthorised personnel.
  • Removes personal interaction: Removes personal contact and enables deliveries to be securely made, contact free.
  • Robust construction: Robust concrete plinth base option available.
  • Portability: Fully portable, ultra robust construction for external use, reusable time and time again.

The Benefits of myRENZbox to Logistics

The main benefits of the range to logistics:

Security and discretion

Options: Multi-point Locking

To provide additional security, multi-point locking doors are available to provide an extra layer of security.

Time Saving

Time Saving

No missed deliveries, no waiting for recipient signatures and no need to search for departments when making deliveries to unmanned locations.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Conserves the environment as deliveries are made at the first attempt and customers have no need to make extra journeys to collect their parcels.

Online Administration

Electronic Proof of Delivery

Problematic customer signatures are a thing of the past with the capture of electronic signatures in a variety of formats. Bar codes can also be scanned and transaction a full transaction history captured.

Enhance Business Efficiencies

Bespoke Processes

The open system architecture means that processes are fully customisable to work with your existing systems. This includes using an API to integrate with your ecommerce platform.

Flexible & precise system configuration

Reserve boxes prior to Delivery

Easy to manage via the RENZ online web portal.

Individual Configuration

Individual Configuration

Box sizes and models can be configured to meet specific needs for internal or external use.

Retrofitting and Extension

Retrofitting and extension

Parcel box units can be extended and retrofitted at any time.

Integration of logistics processes

Integration with your Business Systems

For data capture & statistical reporting.



Information about delivery and collection by email, SMS (text), Messenger or Push Message (with returns).

Scalable solution to meet future demands

Increase parcel delivery

myRENZbox stores multiple deliveries allowing many users to receive and return parcels through one system.

Multiple deliveries

Multiple parcel deliveries at once

Securely store multiple deliveries at once allowing many users to receive and return parcels through one system.

The ultimate parcel solution? myRENZbox for Logistics

Streamline Internal Logistics

Streamline internal logistics by incorporating intelligent parcel delivery boxes into internal processes improving efficiencies in essential business tasks. Completely eliminate avoidable costs and unnecessary delays.

Reduce Downtime

Intelligent myRENZbox parcel boxes ensure that disruption to logistics processes are minimised, allowing items to be delivered 24/7, 365 days a year with 100% first time delivery success.

Individual Configuration

A variety of different accessories are available to combine with intelligent myRENZbox parcel delivery boxes including barcode scanners, receipt printers, corporate branding, lighting, CCTV and crane lifting points are all available to specify.

Multi-storage Solutions

Securely store multiple deliveries at once allowing many users to receive and return parcels through one system.

Versatile Positioning

The product is manufactured using ultra-robust materials suitable for the harshest of external weather conditions, and can be relocated to meet changing requirements. The only restricting factor is ensuring a network connection is accessible - either through a data SIM card or via a network point.

Securely Manage Heavy Items

Solutions are available to securely store heavy items such as euro pallets containing high-value materials and components.

Time Saving

myRENZbox parcel boxes save time as there is no need to spend time hunting for the right spare part of component.


One of the many great aspects of using intelligent myRENZbox parcel delivery boxes is the ability to design, create and integrate the myRENZbox with customised processes. We have the ability to code and create a unique delivery / returns process customised to meet your business requirement.

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