myRENZbox for your Office

Intelligently marrying employee parcel delivery & business intra-logistics

The myRENZbox for your Office range is built around our Intelligent Modula parcelbox hardware platform from the Classic range.

The myRENZbox for your Office range can serve one or multiple business purposes, system operation is designed to fulfil a specific business need. It can be configured to act solely as a delivery and collection point for employee private parcels, or alternatively, eOfficeBox can be configured to support the distribution of sensitive business documents or physical components. Examples of this include, issuing IT equipment to employees or delivering critical spares to your engineering team.

In fact, the myRENZbox for your Office range can service both these needs, helping to drive internal business efficiencies, security and traceability whilst also providing a parcel service to boost employee engagement.

eOfficebox Parcel Range

Why should you be intelligently accepting parcel deliveries in the workplace?

The main benefits of this range

Time Saving

Better use of employee time

Can enhance employee morale and loyalty. Reduces worker stress, by avoiding lunchtime or out of hours journeys to the parcel shop or post office depot.

Enhance Business Efficiencies

Enhance business processes and efficiency

When combined with automated email messaging the parcel station acts as a logistics hub. Enabling the internal distribution of documents, business consumables and engineering parts. An audit trail is captured to ensure full traceability of deposits and collections.

Flexible & precise system configuration

Flexible & precise system configuration

Each parcel box solution is designed to precisely meet the project needs, from number and size distribution of parcel boxes, through finishes and aesthetic requirements, to full integration with door entry systems.

Online Administration

Online Administration

Easy to manage via the RENZ online portal, found at:
Individual Configuration

Individual Configuration

Box sizes and models can be configured to meet customers’ needs.

Integration of logistics processes

Integration of logistics processes

This is Delivery and collection is possible for service providers, thanks to software integration and PIN authorisation.

Interface Connection

Interface connection

A direct connection to rental management software is possible (optional component).

Multiple deliveries

Multiple deliveries

Multiple parcels can be delivered each day by different service providers – totally without delivery delays.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Conserves the environment as parcel deliveries can be delivered directly to the parcel box unit.

Dual Purpose

Dual purpose

An employee benefit as a delivery point for private parcels. A secure lock up and distribution point for business logistics: sensitive documentation, IT parts and engineering components.

Scalable solution to meet future demands

Scalable solution to meet future demands

The modular construction supports future expansion of any installation to accommodate more employees and more processes as the business growth and needs arise.

Electronic Key Management

Electronic key management

Electronic keys and access permissions are simple to manage via the RENZ online portal, found at:
Retrofitting and Extension

Retrofitting and extension

Parcel box units can be extended and mailbox units retrofitted at any time.

Security and discretion

Security and discretion

Secure and discreet parcel storage by means of an electronic lock and ultra-robust workmanship.

Send and receive parcels

Send and receive

Conveniently send and receive parcels stress-free around the clock, regardless of opening times.

Time Saving

Time saving

Saves time as no need for unnecessary trips to parcel collection offices.



Information about delivery and collection by email, SMS (text), Messenger or Push Message (with returns).

Improving the office environment

Increasing employee satisfaction

The dilemma is whether to allow your employees to have parcels delivered to the work place. Providing a convenient and automated intelligent parcel box for delivery can improve employee satisfaction and provide a better work life balance.Less stressed employees can focus on their work in hand, be more effective and have no need to rush out of the office to collect a parcel.

Efficient business intralogistics.

The intelligent parcel box can also provide a secure and managed locker for distribution of internal documents, receipt of goods inwards or even the distribution of IT equipment or dispensing engineering components.

The ideal parcel box solution for office work places

Utilising the Modula parcel box station as the hardware platform, business processes can be tailored to suit the required application, either as a benefit for employees as a business tool for internal use, or even for both.There is a real value to having more content employees and a tangible business benefit in more efficient document and parts management.

The RENZ Modula Parcel Box

RENZ Modula Parcel Box

A cost-effective intelligent parcel box solution for larger apartment blocks in which a mailbox unit is already installed. The MODULA system comprises a base module with the Renz control which can be combined with four further module versions. The steel MODULA parcel box unit can be retrofitted with ease and also extended at a later date.

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