Parcel boxes to manage the ever-increasing flood of deliveries

Our comprehensive Parcel Box range is available in intelligent, digital and manual options and are suited to both individual dwellings and multi-occupancy buildings. All of our parcel boxes offer a secure solution for either domestic or commercial requirements.Our Intelligent parcel box range is a dynamic parcel delivery platform and is open to all carriers.Incorporating the latest touch screen technology, electronic tag and mobile app access. There are specific solutions for private residential, student accommodation, retail ‘click and collect’ and business premises. This cutting edge technology is at the forefront of parcel and logistics management, saving time and providing the ultimate in convenience.Our Manual Parcel Boxes use an extensive range of locking options from a standard key lock to a digital combination lock. This allows for large items such as internet purchases to be securely left ready for later retrieval by a specific resident. The use of a digital combination lock ensures that only users with knowledge of the unique code can access the parcel box.The MEFA range of Individual parcel boxes provide an elegant and stylish solution for individual homes. A comprehensive choice of design and colour is combined with the ability to accommodate small, medium or large parcels to fulfil the needs of every household. The addition of wall or floor mounted options with either front or rear retrieval complete this unparalleled range of high quality individual parcel boxes.

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About myRENZbox

myRENZbox contains a collection of intelligent parcel delivery boxes with a secure solution to meet every type of project and client requirement.

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Individual parcel boxes

Individual parcel boxes for single-occupancy residences

A comprehensive range of parcel boxes to securely store deliveries for your home.

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Parcel boxes for multi-occupancy private residences

Parcel boxes for multi-occupancy private accommodation

Parcel box solutions suitable for securely storing high quantities of mail and parcels for multi-occupancy private residences

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Student accommodation parcel boxes

Parcel boxes for student accommodation

e-Campusbox for securely storing all carrier deliveries to student residences

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Parcel boxes for office work places

Parcel boxes for office work places

e-Officebox for securely storing deliveries to offices and internal business logistics

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Parcel delivery boxes for office work places

Parcel boxes for retail 'click and collect' functions

Banks of parcel boxes securely storing multiple deliveries in a ‘click and collect’ process.

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Design led parcel boxes

High-end designer parcel boxes

Design-led parcel boxes created to offer large capacity storage solutions for clients requiring the ultimate in parcel delivery solutions.

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Bespoke parcel delivery boxes

Bespoke parcel boxes

Unique parcel delivery boxes for contract logistics and heavy goods delivery requirements.

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Parcel box project inspiration

Project Inspiration

Inspire your next project using our recent parcel box case studies.

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Receiving and Sending Parcels & Mail

Renz offers new solutions

Renz has integrated delivery processes into its system. The solutions are available to all drivers – incidentally also to other service providers, such as laundry services or neighbours and friends. Thanks to digital control, allocation of the different sizes of compartments is flexible and based on the respective dimensions of the parcel. The number of parcel boxes needed in relation to the residents of a property can be individually calculated based on demand.

Enhanced attractiveness and quality of living

User feedback from apartment blocks equipped with Renz parcel box units shows that the service is well received by residents: the annoying disappearance of parcels left insecurely is now also a thing of the past, as are unnecessary disturbances by stressed drivers or by neighbours wanting to collect their deliveries. This increases residents’ satisfaction and also their quality of life.Renz is reacting to current trends with smart technologies, which are becoming increasingly important in real estate management. The impressive range of services offered by Renz parcel box solutions enhances the attractiveness of a property and thus also its overall value for the owner.

Reduced administration work

Renz parcel box units also offer major benefits to caretakers: central registration of the residents of a building is now possible, thanks to the link to the Renz internet portal. There is therefore no need for complete key management when combined with a mailbox unit with electronic locks and digital nameplates1). Nameplates no longer annoyingly need to be replaced manually. The mailboxes, like the parcel boxes, are opened by the myRENZ app, electronic key chip or PIN. At the same time, the caretaker has an overview of the status of the units via the portal. It is therefore evident how frequently the parcel boxes are being used and whether the number of available boxes suffices, thereby ensuring that an extension can be planned in good time.

High quality standards

Naturally, as a renowned manufacturer, we guarantee high-quality products that retain their value even when tenants frequently change, due to the use of high-grade materials and new production machines.

Excellent customer satisfaction

Renz initiated several pilot projects with parcel box units throughout Germany before their official launch and then asked the residents of the properties about their experience. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive: 95 percent of users would unrestrictedly recommend the parcel box unit! There was a similar picture from feedback about systems delivered since the launch.

What persuades residents according to a survey?

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