EN 13724 - a standard for mailboxes

When planning a mailbox system, you should always observe the currently valid DIN EN 13724 (also called mailbox standard).

What EN 13724 provides to you:

  • Easy postal delivery without broken letters or personal pick-up in a post office, eg. B. for large DIN C4 envelopes
  • Enough storage space for higher post volume
  • No trouble with wet mail
  • Best quality through specified and tested materials
  • Security against rent reductions through standardized mailboxes

Rental properties conforming to EN 13724

Tenants can demand a standard-compliant mailbox, the landlord must even sue if necessary co-owner for approval to a new mailbox. "Only the existence of a functional mailbox corresponds to proper administration within the meaning of § 21 Abs. 4 WEG, to which every homeowner has a claim." (AG Frankfurt / Main, judgment of 9.3.2016, 33 C 3463/15)"If problems occur during the delivery of magazines or DIN A4 envelopes due to the letterbox installation installed by the landlord, a monthly reduction is appropriate." (Köln AP, Az. 29520/90)"A mailbox is part of the equipment of a rented apartment. If it is difficult to open and wet in rain-fed mail, there is a defect that entitles to a reduction of one percent of the rent. (AG Mainz, 8 C 98/96 )

The EN 13724 at Renz letterboxes

We have tested all our products according to this standard and marked accordingly. Only a few do not comply with this standard, because due to lack of space in renovations letterboxes are often required and assembled with non-standard dimensions. This standard is a recommendation, but becomes compulsory by entry in tenders. It should also be noted that legal disputes are always based on the current technical standard - E.g. the corresponding standard.

What you should consider when planning:

The insertion opening should be at a height of between 700 mm and 1700 mm. In exceptional cases, it can also be between 400 mm and 1800 mm.We recommend that you place the installation box at a height between approx. 1200 and 1400 mm for optimum operation.Depending on the manufacturer, video cameras should be planned at a height of 1500 - 1600 mm. An above-mounted lamp must be planned with a minimum distance, depending on the manufacturer.For barrier-free planning, we recommend that at least 30% of mailbox locks be installed at a height of approximately 900 to 1300 mm.

The most important requirements of DIN EN 13724 (excerpt)

  1. Classification of the four different types of openings: exterior, interior, passage, door / side wall
  2. Designation of two different insertion sizes: 325 - 400 mm (transverse insertion), 230 - 280 mm (longitudinal insertion), insertion height 30 - 35 mm
  3. Resistance to corrosion according to DIN EN 1670 and against ingress of water (240 hours salt spray test)
  4. Resistance to burglary by sturdy materials and locks with a division into two security levels
  5. A test envelope in C4 format must be able to be delivered without folding or damaging it
  6. The center line of the openings should be between 700 mm and 1700 mm installation height, in exceptional cases the area may be between 400 mm and 1800 mm
  7. To ensure safety, the components of the openings must not have sharp corners
  8. To ensure confidentiality, mailboxes are to be equipped without viewing windows
  9. Removal safeguards against unauthorized removal
  10. The minimum volume is specified with a stacking height of at least 40 mm mail in C4 format
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