myRENZbox for Couriers

Intelligently marrying employee parcel delivery & business intra-logistics

We are reminded on a daily basis about the rapid growth of eCommerce and ever more demanding customer expectations. The competitive landscape is changing rapidly and all these ingredients add up to ever greater commercial pressure on parcel delivery services.

MyRENZbox Parcel Lockers – fundamentally address the environmental and cost impacts of missed parcel deliveries, and enable returns to be consolidated in one location. They can also act as a 24/7 collection point for customer parcels, complementing your existing parcel shops.

We are installing a growing network of myRENZbox parcel stations in residential apartments, individual homes and student accommodation. Let us work with you to integrate your delivery processes and capture an electronic proof of delivery and in so doing, elevate the service level to your retail and other commercial clients.

Direct investment in parcel lockers, will make your business even greener, not only reducing CO2 emissions but also significantly reducing the cost of parcel delivery & returns. The future of parcel delivery is here, let us become your valued business partner.

myRENZbox Parcel Box for Couriers

What can I do with a myRENZbox?

myRENZbox intelligent parcel boxes deliver a quick return on investment.

As a carrier, why not:

  1. Reserve a parcel compartment prior to delivery
  2. Scan the parcel barcode
  3. Integrate your handheld device with myRENZbox
  4. Secure the required proof of delivery for your client

Then sit back and see the positive impact on your bottom line, business reputation and customer experience.The ultimate in customer convenience

When making an online purchase, parcel recipients don’t expect to have to rearrange their day to take receipt of their parcel or to have to travel elsewhere to collect their eagerly anticipated purchase.

The Ultimate in Customer Convenience

When making an online purchase, parcel recipients don’t expect to have to rearrange their day to take receipt of their parcel or to have to travel elsewhere to collect their eagerly anticipated purchase. myRENZbox solves this problem for the customer to the benefit of both the courier and the retailer.

myRENZbox Parcel Boxes for Couriers

The Benefits of myRENZbox to Couriers

The main benefits of the range to couriers:

Time Saving

Time Saving

No missed deliveries, no waiting for customer signatures and no need to search for specific apartments when making deliveries to unmanned, multi occupancy buildings.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Conserves the environment as deliveries are made at the first attempt and customers have no need to make extra journeys to collect their parcels.

Online Administration

Electronic Proof of Delivery

Problematic customer signatures are a thing of the past with the capture of electronic signatures in a variety of formats. Bar codes can also be scanned and transaction a full transaction history captured.

Enhance Business Efficiencies

Bespoke Processes

The open system architecture means that processes are fully customisable to work with your existing systems. This includes using an API to integrate with your ecommerce platform.

Security and discretion

Security and Discretion

Secure and discrete parcel storage with electronic locks and ultra-robust workmanship. multi-point locking doors are available to provide an extra layer of security.

Flexible & precise system configuration

Reserve boxes prior to Delivery

Easy to manage via the RENZ online web portal.

Individual Configuration

Individual Configuration

Box sizes and models can be configured to meet specific needs for internal or external use.

Retrofitting and Extension

Retrofitting and extension

Parcel box units can be extended and retrofitted at any time.

Integration of logistics processes

Integration with your Business Systems

For data capture & statistical reporting.



Information about delivery and collection by email, SMS (text), Messenger or Push Message (with returns).

Scalable solution to meet future demands

Increase parcel delivery

myRENZbox stores multiple deliveries allowing many users to receive and return parcels through one system.

Multiple deliveries

Multiple parcel deliveries at once

Securely store multiple deliveries at once allowing many users to receive and return parcels through one system.

The ultimate parcel solution? myRENZbox for Couriers

Improve Your Competitiveness

Couriers are able to become more competitive as their costs are vastly reduced due to the 100% guarantee of 1st time delivery success whenever the parcel is delivered, 24/7. Removing the costs of repeated delivery attempts allows couriers to pass on savings to their customers, resulting in a more competitive business gaining an advantage on competitors.

Meet Sustainability Targets

Reduce the CO2 emissions from delivery vehicles as result of 100% successful first time deliveries to a myRENZbox intelligent parcel delivery box.

Raise Client Service Levels

Improve the experience a seller has of you as a courier by offering a guaranteed 100% delivery rate, allowing you to maximise the quantity of potential deliveries that can be made.

Delight your Customers

The end-user (customer) has a fantastic experience utilising the versatile intelligent myRENZbox parcel box, receiving their order on time and also allowing returns to be processed if the purchase is not suitable – all through the myRENZbox!

Complement your existing service innocations

Integrate intelligent parcel delivery boxes into business processes to maximise customer experiences and efficiency of delivering parcels from a business point of view. Such integrations include work with electric vehicles, route optimisation software and one-hour delivery slots to ensure first-time delivery.


One of the many great aspects of using intelligent myRENZbox parcel delivery boxes is the ability to design, create and integrate the myRENZbox with customised processes. We have the ability to code and create a unique delivery / returns process customised to meet your business requirement.

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