Spare parts for your RENZ mailbox

At Renz, the service continues even after the purchase. That is why we offer you a long-term spare parts service for your Renz letterbox system. Whether you have lost your letterbox key and want to reorder or if you need a new nameplate: With us you get original spare parts, which are guaranteed to fit and are manufactured in the usual Renz quality.

Mailbox spare parts order online

Order under You can order our spare parts from the dealer of your choice or if you already know what you need, you can order the mailbox spare part directly in our online shop. This is fast, because the goods will be shipped within 24 hours as a consignment, if you order Monday to Thursday until 14 o'clock or on Fridays until 10 o'clock. Outside these times, as well as on public holidays, bridging days or company holidays, the goods will be dispatched the following day. Please note the delivery period of the consignment of Deutsche Post from 2 to 4 working days.

In our shop you will find not only cylinder keys and name badges but also bell pushbuttons, light scanners, RSA2 spare parts, RSA2 compact bell pushbuttons, key modules, intercoms, bell buttons, light knobs, mailbox locks and latches, letterbox hinges and much more. In addition, we offer an engraving service, on which you can order engraved name tags.

Individual Mailbox Signs

The matching letterbox sign for your mailbox

A mailbox sign is a name tag that can be attached to a mailbox, a ringer and speaker system, and a parcel box. The sign can either be attached to the insertion and removal door or to the flap. The nameplate can also act as a doorbell or door sign when the doorbell or door and mailbox are in the same location.

Where can I get mailbox signs?

At Renz you can design your letterbox sign according to your individual needs. If the nameplate attached to your existing mailbox is outdated or damaged by vandalism, you can easily reorder the Renz badge. A letterbox or doorbell sign from Renz is available as a spare part over a period of about 20 years. Spare parts can be purchased at or in specialist shops. If you have problems to find your plate in our spare parts list, you can send us photos and the dimensions of the plate and recess and we will find the right product for you.

Design your personal letterbox sign

Renz mailboxes are available in various designs and materials. Whether with or without engraving is in your hands. Likewise, an engraved nameplate insert is possible. For a design letterbox as well as for a good visibility at night, it is possible to illuminate or backlit the nameplate or doorbell by means of festooning or LED festooning. You can also design the letterbox sign matching your door sign.

Letterbox sign made of stainless steel, aluminum or plastic

Our signs are available in stainless steel V4A, aluminium and as plastic inserts at Renz. Suitable for the mailbox stainless steel, for example, is a stainless steel shield. For the colour of the mailbox engraving, you can choose between a black, black matt or white font colour. For a good visibility we recommend a white engraving for the stainless steel V4A and for the brass in stainless steel as well as for aluminium a black matte design colour. The plastic inserts can be ordered in grey with white engraving and in the rotatable version in black / white with white / black engraving.

Templates for Renz mailbox signs and doorbell signs

DIN A4 templates for printing matching letterbox inserts can be requested by contacting us.

Change post box sign made easy

Replacing the letterbox sign is uncomplicated with Renz products. Antivandalism nameplates and the "RSA1" doorbell button can be changed from the back and "RSA2" can easily be changed from the front using a special tool. Similarly, an outdated nameplate can easily replace with a new one. This way, you can cost-effectively give your system a new look. In addition, it is possible to exchange the standard plastic letterbox signs for the new anti-vandalism version RSA2 in plastic or metal design and thereby enhance the letterbox system.

Letterbox sign for additional information

In addition to the family name, a letterbox sign can show further information. Instead of affixing foil labels that are self-adhesive, we recommend attaching a second letterbox label for instructions on receiving advertising mail. This may include the words "advertising, no thanks!", "Advertising, yes please!", Or "no advertising and free newspapers". According to the statement, the notes are printed in red or green letters.

How big is a letterbox sign?

Depending on need and model, the size of the post box can vary. Our signs are mostly to scale and include the prices in the Renz spare parts list. For post box signs with plastic covers there are name tag templates in the sizes 55x13 mm, 59x13.6 mm, 60x15 mm, 65x13.6 mm and 60x65 mm as PDF for download as well as suitable waterproof A4 sheets for printing.

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