myRENZbox for Student Living

Intelligently managing all parcel deliveries and returns in student residences

Meeting the challenge of parcel delivery in Student accommodation, eCampusbox is an intelligent parcel box solution with dynamic allocation of parcel compartments. Integration is via a touchscreen interface and online system portals for use by both the management team and students.

Unlike some other solutions, eCampusbox provides a secure and open access to all carriers without the need for management staff to take receipt and handle parcel deliveries. Our process has been designed to protect student identity by ensuring the carrier only has visibility of the individual parcel recipient.

A simple and intuitive process utilising the latest PIN code, electronic NFC tag or mobile app technology to ensure both delivery and collection is flexible, secure and reliable. Future proofing parcel delivery has never been easier, software upgrades are remotely uploaded, the system is scalable to support future growth in demand and multiple languages are accessible at the touch of a button, including Mandarin and Arabic.

eCampusbox Parcel Range

Why the myRENZbox for Student Living range is the correct solution for student residences?

The main benefits of this range

Time Saving

Saves a significant amount of administration time

The myRENZbox takes away the increasing burden of parcel management from the concierge team, enabling them to focus on value added and community oriented activities.

Delivery carrier

Open to all carriers

Automated 24/7 delivery, collection and return. Automated email and push messages with proof of delivery generated for every parcel.

Flexible & precise system configuration

Flexible & precise system configuration

Each parcel box solution is designed to precisely meet the project needs, from number and size distribution of parcel boxes, through finishes and aesthetic requirements, to full integration with door entry systems.

Online Administration

Online Administration

Easy to manage via the RENZ online portal, found at:
Individual Configuration

Individual Configuration

Box sizes and models can be configured to meet customers’ needs.

Integration of logistics processes

Integration of logistics processes

This is Delivery and collection is possible for service providers, thanks to software integration and PIN authorisation.

Interface Connection

Interface connection

A direct connection to rental management software is possible (optional component).

Multiple deliveries

Multiple deliveries

Multiple parcels can be delivered each day by different service providers – totally without delivery delays.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Conserves the environment as parcel deliveries can be delivered directly to the parcel box unit.

Protects Student Identity

Protects student identity and enhances the student experience

The parcel delivery company delivers to an individual student, no other student names or details are made visible to the carrier.

Flexible and dynamic

Secure, flexible and intuitive to use

Mobile App / Web Enabled portal ensures management control and provides and intuitive interface for students.

Electronic Key Management

Electronic key management

Electronic keys and access permissions are simple to manage via the RENZ online portal, found at:
Retrofitting and Extension

Retrofitting and extension

Parcel box units can be extended and mailbox units retrofitted at any time.

Security and discretion

Security and discretion

Secure and discreet parcel storage by means of an electronic lock and ultra-robust workmanship.

Send and receive parcels

Send and receive

Conveniently send and receive parcels stress-free around the clock, regardless of opening times.

Time Saving

Time saving

Saves time as no need for unnecessary trips to parcel collection offices.



Information about delivery and collection by email, SMS (text), Messenger or Push Message (with returns).

Improving services and process in a business environment

The growth in online orders

Growth in online purchases, coupled with increasing numbers of international students has placed a greater demand on college and university staff to manage parcel delivery, provide secure storage as well as ensuring safe and subsequent collection by students.As a long standing supplier of mail and parcel solutions to student halls of residence we fully understand the significant impact this has and as a result have developed a complete range of standalone parcel solutions.

Securely storing student deliveries

We work with you to fully understand your parcel box requirements: parcel box numbers and size distribution.We recommend the most appropriate solution for your needs from intelligent parcel boxes to digital combination locking systems.Our delivery process is finely tuned to ensure that all carriers can deliver to our intelligent parcel boxes whilst protecting the names of your resident students.We offer full integration with your resident management system and building access control if required.

Minimising time and stress

Our digital locking and class leading intelligent parcel boxes are designed to minimise the time and stress involved in campus staff managing parcels thus enabling them to concentrate on other administration, community and pastoral duties.

Increasing the security of facility processes

Our lockers, ensure that parcels are securely held for collection and that there is also a secure method of retrieval for the students. The security of all registered students is preserved via either a unique PIN, or authorised electronic tag / door entry card.Communication is automated between parcel carrier and student, minimising the need for campus staff intervention. A ‘landlord’ web portal provides user setup, access control, parcel visibility and statistical analysis. Including zoned parcel access for those with a disability i.e. height restrictions.The RENZ mobile phone App ensures a simple and intuitive interface. Intelligent parcel lockers can be situated inside the building reception or externally.Installation, training, ongoing maintenance and support are all provided by The Safety Letterbox Company.

The ideal parcel box solution for student accommodation

Available as a modular parcel only solution, a fully customisable exclusive range or our premium high end stainless steel finish. We have solutions that not only automate parcel management but when required can also lend an aesthetic quality to the interior design.

The RENZ Modula Parcel Box

RENZ Modula Parcel Box

A cost-effective intelligent parcel box solution for larger apartment blocks in which a mailbox unit is already installed. The MODULA system comprises a base module with the Renz control which can be combined with four further module versions. The steel MODULA parcel box unit can be retrofitted with ease and also extended at a later date.View the product >
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